Thursday, July 05, 2007

The "O" Oprah Magazine Story

It's official...

Heritage Makers has been invited to be featured in one of the fall publications of O MAGAZINE under the section, "The O List !" Do you want to know the rest of the story?

When the first storybook was written by my daughter, Candace May, some nine years ago, the storybooking movement began. Our dream was to place a storybook in each home in America and to believe that Oprah, someone who held the same enthusiasm for the power of story as we did, would call us someday and say, "Come on down."

Just over a year ago, my youngest daughter, Angi Hirsche, was invited to be on the Oprah Show and talk about how she handled a very difficult situation when she was robbed and the assailant attempted to kidnap her. When Angi traveled to Chicago for the show, she took with her a small box of our Heritage Makers' storybooks and products. She presented them to Oprah. Oprah was impressed!

Then, seven weeks ago, Gayle King, the Editor-at-Large of O Magazine, and Oprah's best friend, invited Angi to New York, to revisit the topic of women's safety. Again, I packed Angi with a great variety of our books and products. After the taping, Angi sat with Gayle for five minutes of uninterrupted time.

Gayle said to Angi, "We are interested in companies like this for O Magazine, FIRST. This is incredible!" She then asked Angi about the company's history and was intrigued about the mother-daughter aspect, and how the company began with a storybook of an ordinary little grandfather. She ended the conversation with, "Your mother will hear from me."

Two weeks ago, I received two emails and a phone call from Gayle's assistant asking for some further information. She also told me that our products were being prepared to be featured in one of the fall publications of Oprah's favorite things (the O List) in O Magazine

Dreams do happen! The next part of the dream, to place a storybook in every home in America (and then the world!), will only happen because of you! Thanks so much for carrying the vision and enthusiasm for storybooking.

"Sharon Gibb Murdoch"
Founder of the Storybooking Process

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